Brewery Het Anker is situated near the beguinage. We find the oldest reference in 1369 in the  cashbook of the kapittel Sint-Rombout when Jan in de Anker pays his taxes.  In 1433 the not so profitable brewery is bought by Matthijs Jan’s zone. Thanks to a 1471 law by Duke Karel de Stoute in which he states that no taxes are due for beer brewed  for the madhouse, this changes.

Louis Van Breedam and his sister buy the brewery in 1872. After their renovations, the brewery is one of the first with a steamcettle. They change the name to n.v. Boonaerts & Van Breedam.

The love for beer of the family van Breedam is the base for the return of traditions and special beers.  On December 31st 1904 the name is changed to Het Anker.

During the World War I, the brewery is completely dismantled, but nontheless, the brewery regains its’ glory afterwards.

The obligation of brewing only Zero-huit during World War Two, and the ability of Het Anker to do so, saved many Malinois of deportation to Germany.

Large investments are made after the Second World War, and in 1960 we hear from  Gouden Carolus, the Emperors beer, for the first time.

From 1990 on, the brewery is led by Charles Leclef, the 5th generation of the family Van Breedam.

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